Thursday, November 6, 2008

great summary

"The fact is that in the US there are 2 very different countries. You go to somewhere like New York and the people are normal civilised and sensible like the rest of the majority in any western country. Now look at how they voted – 62% for Obama. You head south and inland to somewhere like Oklahoma and they are backward, ignorant yokels who have the sort of backward attitudes we all abandoned 50 years ago (bit like the NT really.) They voted 66% (the Whites around 80%) for McCain. That is why they went wild with celebration on the east coast in places like New York – they have been voting against the fascist Republicans for decades yet they get stuck with imbeciles like Bush and they are embarrassed by it.

Ideally, the civilised parts of America should let the backwards parts be an independent “Confederacy” (but all the atheists, scientists, homosexuals, independent-minded women, intellectuals and blacks might want to leave first) and making sure they do not get any of the Nuclear Weapons and then the remaining USA would be a truly great nation we could all admire."

Dave S

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